Engineering and Mining Experiment Station (EMES)

Providing Custom Analytical and Technical Services Since 1903

Address: Edward F. Duke, Ph.D., Director
Engineering and Mining Experiment Station (EMES)
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
501 East Saint Joseph Street
Rapid City, SD 57701-3995

           X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)

           Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
           Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM and STEM)
           Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM)
           Analytical Chemistry (AAS and ICP-MS)
           Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry
           Portable Visible and Near Infrared Spectroradiometer (Vis-NIR)
           Elemental Analysis for Carbon, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen
           Particle Size Analysis

Office located in the Mineral Industries

Building, Room 234.

Telephone:  (605)-394-2496
Facsimile: (605)-394-5360











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